The Jewel at Changi Airport, Singapore

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Changi Airport has been voted as the world’s best airport 7 consecutive times and it is not surprising.  Changi has its own retail and entertainment complex, The Jewel, making it unlike any other airport we’ve been to.  Therefore, a visit to the Jewel should be high on your list of priorities when visiting Singapore.

This is the perfect guide for your visit to the Jewel.  Discover the best things to see and do at Jewel Changi Airport, so that you can plan how to spend your time.  Furthermore, find out practical information to improve your planing.

A visit to the Jewel at Changi Airport, Singapore

View of the Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore,

Normally, when travelling, you don’t expect to include airport time on your itinerary.  However, if you go to Changi Airport in Singapore, it’s a must.  Forget any earlier preconceptions of being forced to kill endless hours waiting at an airport.  The Jewel  trip is a popular leisure destination for Singapore locals and a visit there is actually a pleasure.

If you are travelling through Changi Airport, it really is worth checking in early so you can have time make a visit to the Jewel.

We made several visits to the Jewel with the children on a recent trip to Singapore, at the start of our family adventure to Borneo.

Things to do on a visit to the Jewel:-

The Rain Vortex

Rain Vortex, The Jewel, Changi airport, Singapore,
Base of the Rain Vortex, The Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore,

At the heart of the airport is the Jewel Changi’s waterfall, Rain Vortex.  At 40 metres high, it’s the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and is just breath-taking.  

We loved watching this mighty cascade of water pour down from the skies into the basin below.  The recycled rainwater is then recirculated back up through the waterfall.  There are plenty of viewing points at different levels to stand and take in the splendour.

It’s no surprise that the Rain Vortex is probably the most popular of the Jewel Changi attractions.

At night the Rain Vortex is even more spectacular, as it comes alive with a 360-degree light and sound show.  The show projects onto the falling water and is a truly unique, magnificent sight.  The Rain Vortex shows take place hourly from 7.30 to 11.30pm.

Rain Vortex, The Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore

Shiseido Forest Valley

It is unusual to find so much greenery in any indoor space, let alone in an airport.  Yet, at the Shiseido Forest Valley you can find a lush tropical forest of over 100 000 green shrubs and 2000 trees.  These have been carefully chosen for the environment and have been imported from all over the world.

You can walk amongst through this 5-storey indoor rainforest by following the 2 walking trails up either side.  Here you can also take in views of the vortex and the smaller waterfalls and mist clouds along the way.

Roof and trees the Jewel, Changi airport, Singapore.

Dine like a king

You will be spoilt for choice when choosing food at the Jewel Changi.

There are over 40 dining outlets that are open 24/7, so there really is something for everyone’s taste and budget.  We chose Tim Ho Wan  on the second floor, which is worth a visit for the very tasty BBQ pork buns.

Shop like a queen

As well as offering an indoor rainforest, Jewel Changi Airport has a luxury mall with over 400 shops on offer.  There is a good combination of affordable and high end, both local Singaporean products and well-known international brands.

Sleep like a princess

The airport has a hotel Yotelair on the 4th level.  This has 130 rooms and is a good idea if you need to stay at the airport or want to refresh between flights. 

Another option is to relax in its Club Lounge which overlooks the garden of the Jewel.

Fun for all the kids

On the top level of Jewel Changi Airport is Canopy Park,  with a selection of attractions for kids to let off steam.  They have slides, mazes (both hedge and mirror) and sky nets to bounce across.

There is also a petal garden and a topiary walk.  Most of these have an entrance charge, so you have to buy an attractions admissions ticket in advance.  If you want to do more than one activity, it is cheaper to buy a bundle selection.

Levels at the Jewel, Changi airport, Singapore.

Please be aware that ticket discounts for bundle packages are only available if you book in advance online.

Changi Experience Studio

Enter this virtual world where you can immerse yourself in the state-of-the-art technology to learn about the history and development of the airport, using the different interactive touch points.  Admission fees apply to this attraction too.


Opening hours at Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is open 24 hours a day, so you can visit at any time.

Most shops are open from 10am to 10pm, but some have extended opening hours.

How to get to Jewel Changi Airport

If you are flying into Changi airport from overseas, it is easy to find the Jewel, as it is connected to the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1 (Level 1).

If you are coming from the city, there are a number of options for getting to the Jewel at Changi Airport.  The easiest is by taxi or grab.  Changi Airport is just a 20-minute drive via East Coast Parkway, which leads into Airport Boulevard. 

Alternatively, you could also come by bus or train.  You can get to Changi Airport station on the East West Line via the Changi Airport Branch line.  Or you could come in by bus on the following routes, 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 and 858.

Getting around at Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel connects with all airport terminals, so is easily accessible from everywhere in the airport.   It is worth picking up a Jewel map at the airport or downloading one in advance.

From Terminal 1 you can walk directly through the Arrival Hall.

From Terminals 2 and 3 you can walk via the air-conditioned link bridges.  This takes about 5-10 minutes.  Alternatively, there is a free skytrain which runs between terminals, or travellators.

From Terminal 4 you can take advantage of the free shuttle bus.

What to do with your luggage?

Check your bags in early, so that you don’t have to carry your luggage around.  Alternatively, there’s a left-baggage service on the 1st floor.

The Jewel is located landside, so can you visit, even if you’re not flying.

Wi-fi at Jewel Changi Airport

There is free wi-fi throughout Jewel Changi Airport.


Fountains at the Jewel, Changi airport, Singapore,

About 50-60 million visitors will make a visit to the Jewel each year and it is not surprising, as this gem at the airport really is something special.  Jewel Changi Airport is far more than just a stopover, it is a tourist destination in its own right. 

It really is worth scheduling time into you travel plans to visit the Jewel and make the most of the Changi Airport attractions.  The whole experience at its futuristic complex is fantastic and you would struggle not to be impressed by this cutting-edge airport. 

More information for your trip to Singapore can be found in our 

Singapore Travel Guide

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We hope this post has inspired you to spend some time at Jewel Changi Airport?  If you have any questions or tips of your own, please comment below.

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