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by Jan

Welcome to Chimptrips

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By Jan

At Chimptrips we have a passion for travel and discovering new places.  We love to explore and have adventures, both at home and abroad and want to inspire others.  As a family we enjoy being active together, getting outdoors and enjoying nature and animals.

Chimptrips was set up so that we can share our adventures and inspire ourselves and others to explore new places and to get outside (and active).   It includes travel, near and far, and day trips in the UK, as well as ideas for getting your family active.  We will tell you where we’ve been, what we got up to and top travel tips for families wanting to do the same.

“At Chimptrips we have a passion for travel and discovering new places. We love to explore and have adventures, both at home and abroad and want to inspire others”


Chimptrips Team

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I’m Jan and the rest of the team are Kevin, (my husband and travel planner) and our twin boys Jacob and Thomas, who provide the adventure.

I am a part-time working mum and freelance writer who has always loved travelling.  Before the arrival of my lovely boys, I made the most of every opportunity to see somewhere new – including China, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, US and all over Europe.

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Kevin has always travelled for business and pleasure and we were always keen to share our passion for travel with our children.  They have been lucky enough to go on lots of adventures both near and far. The biggest and best adventures so far have been our US Road trip, our visit to the desert and our jungle trip to Borneo.  However, we have loved all our adventures in England, Wales, Europe, UAE, America and the Far East. Whether its walking, cycling, skiing, we love to get out there and hope to share them with you.

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Hi, I’m Jacob – I love seeing animals (especially babies), birds and insects.  To me, seeing new wildlife is the best.  My favourite so far is the cute sea otters in Monterey and the gorgeous orangutans in Borneo.  We even adopted a baby one – Archie – he is so cute!

Image of Archie the baby orangutan (From SeSepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo)
Archie, copyright Orangutan Appeal UK
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I’m Thomas – I am arty and creative and am great at designing and building things.  I am fairly sporty and like to have fun playing outdoors. I love exploring different places and having new experiences on great family trips.

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