Gift ideas for kids who travel

by Jan

Thinking of gift ideas for kids can be tricky, but here are suggestions for those families who like to get out and about.  Whether you like exploring locally or further afield, here’s a round-up of the best gift ideas for kids who travel.

Our list includes suggestions to keep them entertained on the journey and useful gadgets for when you are there.  It even has ideas of games and books which will inspire travel in the future.  Whatever your budget, you’ll find some first class gift ideas for kids who love travel.

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100 things for little children to do on a journey

A set of activity cards with simple activities to kids entertained on a long journey.  The set includes a wipe clean board and pen, so that all cards can be used again.

Activities include mazes, puzzles and matching games.


A set of headphones that kids can use to connect to their device during long journeys.

The headphones have soft ear muffs which go over the ear to provide more comfort.  They also have a volume limit switch.

Are we nearly there yet game?

Are we nearly there yet? is a great way to pass the hours on a long car or coach trip.  Basically, you have to be the first to spot the items on the card to win the points.

Click here for more ideas of fun family travel games.

Nintendo Switch Lite

I have been told on good authority that a Nintendo Switch is the ultimate gift for kids who travel, though I think this might be just a big hint from one of the Chimptrip boys!

If you want to splash the cash, this handheld games console would be a great way to keep any child quiet for a long journey.

Gift ideas for kids at the beach or pool

Snorkel mask

Kids will love exploring the bottom of the ocean with a snorkel mask.  They can get 180 degree view of fish and other underwater creatures.

Zoggs diving sticks

For building your child’s underwater confidence, try the Zoggs underwater diving sticks.

These brightly-coloured sticks stand up on the bottom of the pool when dropped in.  Just perfect for an underwater swimmer to retrieve them.

Sonic boomer flyer sports toy (boomerang)

Kids (and adults!) can practise their throwing skills with this tri-blade flying toy that is guaranteed to come back!

Underwater camera

We bought our first underwater camera for our family trip to Borneo, as we knew we’d be spending a lot of time by water.

The kids loved taking photos of the marine life in the sea.  We also used the waterproof camera for our jungle river cruises with a camera float, so that we didn’t have to worry about the kids dropping the camera in the river.

Gift ideas for teenagers who love travel

Smart phone lens kit

A collection of 11 lenses will help your teenager create amazing shots on their travels.  The lenses come in a compact case, which is ideal for travelling.

Jewellery travel case

A stylish travel case for protecting jewellery on holiday.  It has different sections to keep the jewellery separate, including a small mirror in the lid.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones can block out the surrounding noise.  Ideal for plane journeys or commuting on noisy trains.

This stylish accessory will give your teenager a quality, authentic sound and up to about 30 hours of play time.

Nike club team toiletry bag

A practical, but stylish gift that will provide teenagers with storage for their own personal toiletries when travelling with the family.  It’s also ideal for using at the gym or sports club.

Electronics accessories organiser bag

Keep everything in one place. This organiser bag will help teenagers keep all their essential electronic accessories and various cables together.

We’re talking teenage essentials, like cables, flash disk, power, cords, memory cards, USB driver, charger, pens, headphone etc!

Gift ideas to inspire kids to travel


This game is fun and easy to learn.  It’s like dominoes, but with maps.  Build your own map of Europe, by connecting countries that share a common border.

No geography knowledge required, but kids learn as they play. There’s also a UK and USA version.

Scratch the world travel map

The perfect gift for young globetrotters.  Scratch the map to record the countries you have visited and then use it to plan your next trip.

Interactive children's globe

Not only will an interactive globe teach children the countries of the world and their capitals, but will educate them on cultures, habitats and animals too.

Older children might prefer a traditional world globe that comes with the stars constellation pattern at night.

Where's the sloth?

Find the sloths as they travel on their holidays around the world.  A great search and find book for mini travellers.

Game of Britain

Learn all the major cities in Britain in a race to visit all the places on your cards.  Watch out for blocked stations and hazards!

I had my own version of this as a child, so was keen for the boys to play it too.  A fun, educational game for children above 7 years old.

Gift ideas for stocking fillers

Little purse for adventurers

A cute, small purse from Sasse & Belle.

It has the print of a vintage map and the quote “a little purse for big adventurers” on the side.

Gruffalo passport holder and tag

Mini jet-setters will love having this Gruffalo passport holder and luggage tag for their holidays.

Where in the world? snap

Ideal cards for playing snap or matching pairs.  Young travellers have to match the iconic picture with its country of origin, for example a kangaroo and Australia.

Where in the world? snap is a compact, educational game, which is easy to pop in a bag for holidays.

Articulate mini family game

Teenagers will love playing this fun travel version of the classic family game Articulate.

The concept is simple as you have to beat the clock to describe the word on card.  However, it is not as easy as it sounds when you’re racing the timer.

Boggle (travel version)

Race against your friends and family to make as many words as possible before the timer runs out.  However, you don’t get the point if someone else finds the same word.

A fun, fast game, which is great for practising spellings.

You’ll find more gift ideas for globe-trotting families in:

15 best travel games for families

Do you have any good gift ideas for kids who love travel?  We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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