Is camping good for your mental health?

by Jan

Camping provides the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and is sure to have a positive effect on your wellbeing. When you look at the 5 ways to wellbeing, it ticks all the boxes. There is no doubt that camping is good for your mental health, so read on to find out how.

In this article you will discover the benefits of camping and how it can boost your wellbeing. Find out the mental and physical advantages of camping and why it is good for your soul.

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Being connected

One main benefit of camping is that connecting with others is good for your mental health.

Although packing for camping can take time and planning, once your tent is up you can start to relax.  A camp trip provides a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.  What’s more, camping gives you the chance to do activities you normally wouldn’t have time for (even if it is just snoozing in a camp chair!)

As well as connecting, camping is the ideal time to disconnect and take some time away from your phone.  By leaving screens behind, you’ll have more time to connect in person and build stronger bonds with family and friends.  This digital detox can leave you more time on your hands to play games and get involved, which are all good for improving your mood and de-stressing.

Being active is good for your mental health

A camping trip offers endless opportunities to be active. After the initial exertion of setting up camp, you’ll be able to go hiking or participate in campsite activities.

A fun game of rounders or a swim in the pool will help exert some energy. As exercise is a natural anti-depressant, a bout of physical activity is sure to be good for your mental health.

Hiking in the woods with Kids

Learning new skills

There are so many aspects of camping that will take you out of your comfort zone and provide you with a chance to learn new skills. Whether it’s pitching your tent, cooking on a campfire or discovering new places, you’ll be able to experience something new.  Trying new things can improve your confidence and self-esteem, which both have benefits for your wellbeing and mental health.

Take notice

Beautifully coloured Butterfly sipping nectar

Normally, we’re so busy with daily life, we don’t have time to notice our surroundings and appreciate the natural world.  If we take time to slow down, we have more time to live in the moment and enjoy the present.

If you are living in the great outdoors, you cannot help but notice the world around you.  Your senses will be more attuned to the noises and smells  and you’ll be closer to nature.

These moments of mindfulness are undoubtedly good for our mental health.  In fact, there are a series of ecotherapy treatments which aim to improve people’s mental and physical health just by connecting with nature.

As we know, spending time in nature boosts endorphin levels which can promote a general feeling of happiness and wellbeing.  Plus, you have the added health benefits of sunshine and fresh air.


Acts of kindness are great for improving mental health and whilst camping there are many ways you can help others.  Doing something nice for someone else, whether it be a friend or fellow camper, can help build connections with those around you and can be extremely rewarding.

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Avatar for Jan
Regina 4th October 2022 - 6:41 pm

Camping and hiking allow me to see nature firsthand. I noticed how everything is connected and how every living thing influences one another.

Avatar for Jan
Ana 18th October 2020 - 9:54 am

Such a great post – I totally agree with you on this – sunshine and fresh air is what we all need, especially in stressing situations.
Nature is the the best way to keep our sanity (physical and mental).
Recently, we spoke about how we miss camping and would love to do it.


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