The best places for strawberry picking in Surrey

by Jan

Welcome to our guide to the best places for strawberry picking in Surrey and nearby.

If you’re anything like me, the slightest glimpse of sunshine and I optimistically turn my thoughts to picnics, barbecues, Wimbledon, and of course strawberries.  And, although you can buy these tasty berries year-round in the supermarket, strawberries are never quite as scrumptious as on a summer’s day.  Without a doubt, strawberries are the quintessential summer fruit in Britain.  And what better way to get your strawberries, than to pick them yourself?

Why pick your own strawberries?

Firstly, you might ask why would you pick your own strawberries when it’s so easy to buy them in the shops?  Quite simply, it’s a lot of fun.  It’s one of the many enjoyable days out I can still remember from my own childhood – many moons ago!

Plus, as well as being a memorable trip for the family, fruit-picking helps kids learn where their food comes from.  Strawberry picking is also a superb activity to gets kids outside and in the fresh air.  And it doesn’t need to cost a bomb!

Obviously for parents, picking your own fruit is the perfect way to guarantee that your food is fresh.  It’s also a positive way to support independent, local fruit farms.

When is the best time to go strawberry-picking in Surrey?

The strawberry season in the UK is weather-dependant and varies slightly each year.  Generally, you can pick your own strawberries from as early as May up until September.

However, the prime strawberry-picking season in Britain is normally between June and July.

However, many of the pick your own farms near me offer other fruit picking too, so check with them before you go.

10 top tips for strawberry picking

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty (you will  be in a field)
  2. Check in when you arrive and collect your punnet to carry strawberries in
  3. Select firm, bright red strawberries (They won’t ripen after picking)
  4. Gently hold the stem above the strawberry and break it with your thumbnail by gently twisting.
  5. Don’t pull the strawberry by the calyx (green stalk on top), as this can remove the plug and reduce shelf-life
  6. Be gentle with the strawberries and avoid over-filling your punnet
  7. Don’t eat the strawberries in the field – you should only eat what you’ve paid for
  8. Dogs are not usually allowed to go strawberry picking
  9. Don’t wash the berries until you are just about to consume
  10. You can freeze excess strawberries when you get home

Where are the best pick your own fruit farms in Surrey?

We are lucky to have several large fruit picking farms in Surrey, so you can choose the nearest to you.  Read on for the best places for strawberry picking in Surrey.

Crockford Bridge Farm, Addlestone, near Weybridge

New Haw Road, Addlestone, nr. Weybridge, Surrey KT15 2BU

Three large strawberries in a Bowl

One popular place for strawberry picking in Surrey is at Crockford Bridge Farm, near Weybridge.  This large fruit farm has an abundance of Pick-your-Own fruit, which are available throughout the summer.

As well as pick-your-own strawberries, Crockford Bridge Farm grows blackcurrants, raspberries, gooseberries and redcurrants, all of which are available for picking.   In addition to fruit, they also have a good variety of pick-your-own vegetables.

Click here for more details on pick-your-own fruit at Crockford Bridge Farm.

Secretts of Milford, near Godalming

Hurst Farm, Chapel Lane, Milford, Surrey GU8 5HU

Basket of Strawberries, Surrey, UK

Another popular location for strawberry-picking in Surrey is the award-winning Secretts in Milford, near Godalming.

This family-run farm has a choice of fruits to pick, a farm shop and its own café.

Click here for more details of pick-your-own-fruit at Secretts.

Flower Farm, Godstone

Flower Farm, Oxted Road, Godstone, RH9 8BP

Lone strawberry, Surrey, UK

Flower Farm grows a wide range of pick your own crops and is another of the best places to go strawberry-picking in Surrey.  It is a family-run farm that has opened its fields to visitors since 1974.

As well as strawberries, you can also pick your own raspberries, blackberries, cherries and plums.  Located at the base of the North Downs, it is easy to get to the farm on the A25.

Click here for more details of pick-your-own-fruit at Flower Farm.

Garsons Farm, Esher

Winterdown Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8LS

Two white Flowers on Strawberry plant, Surrey, UK

With a choice of over 40 crops, Garsons Farm in Esher is one of the best places for strawberry picking and pick-your-own fruit in Surrey.  With 155 acres of land, it is an enormous farm, with a choice of seasonal (pyo) crops from early summer to October.

As well as strawberries, you can pick raspberries, gooseberries and a variety of vegetables.

After picking fruit, you can head to the farm shop or garden centre, which sells a range of plants and gifts.  Or you could stop for longer at the Orangery Tea House.

Click here for more details of fruit picking at Garsons of Esher.

Priory Farm, Redhill

Sandy Lane, South Nutfield, Redhill RH1 4EJ

Big strawberry, Surrey, UK

Situated near the Surrey village of Nutfield, Priory Farm is a great place to get strawberries with children.  Although they no longer offer pick-your-own, they do have a brilliant farm shop with a range of summer fruit.

You can then take the kids on a Woodland Fairy walk at Discovery Land.  Explore the woods of the Priory Farm estate on the exciting family adventure trail.

Click here for more details of the Priory Farm Estate.

Strawberry picking in Berkshire

If you live nearer to Berkshire, head to these fruit farms for some strawberry picking in Berkshire.

Where’s your favourite place to go strawberry picking in Surrey? 

We’d love to hear your comments below.

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